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Assess and respond quickly to the release of toxic and radioactive substances with this turnkey system. The AreaRAE Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) includes four versatile GPS-enabled AreaRAE monitors, RAEMet (AreaRAE Pro RDK only), a RAELink3 wireless router built in and all the necessary accessories for field operation. With The RDK, you have everything you need to create a perimeter and set up a command station up to two miles from the site. It all fits into a military-grade protective case, which charges all the batteries during storage.

Features and Benefits:
• Turnkey system for detection of hazardous toxic chemicals and radioactivity
• Includes 4 AreaRAE monitors and RDK Ruggedized Host Controller (Not the case for AreaRAE Plus / AreaRAE Pro)
• Up to 2 miles (3km) range for ISM 900Mhz
• Up to 1.2 miles (2km) range for ISM 2.4Ghz
• Push data to any location via ProRAE Guardian
• Military-grade case
• Device batteries charged during storage
• Easy to transport
• Standard GPS enable units (AreaRAE Plus / AreaRAE Pro) and Optional for other monitors
• Scales up to 64 remote devices

• Clandestine Labs
• Emergency Response
• Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation
• Fence Line Monitoring
• Hazmat Response
• Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around
• Urban Search & Rescue
• Venue Protection

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